Initially, information about this lovely green Remington Senior-Riter (Serial Number: 959513) was hard to find online.




The only other Senior-Riters I could find on the Internet are Dutch.

Auction listings usually refer to “Army Remington typewriters” with a “Land Forces Netherlands” sticker or badge attached …

But then I happened to be checking the latest typewriters on Australian eBay  (as you do) when a Bluebird Torpedo caught my eye – and bless my soul if it didn’t bear a startling resemblance to my green dream machine!

(A quick check of the Torpedo serial numbers listed on the TWDB ties in nicely – Serial Number : 959513  – 1957 .)



Sure enough ,  a certain Mr Messenger at OzTypewriter was already onto the Remington-Torpedo connection.


Robert’s description of the Torpedo’s “sharp as a tack sound” confirmed absolutely that my Remington Senior-Riter  is the same machine.


A wonderful typewriter, marred only be the chrome that is worn away along the edges of the ribbon cover, chipped paintwork on the paper plate, and a few lines of light rust on the rear panel. I’d like to get the ribbon cover re-chromed at some stage. Probably hellishly expensive though.



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