This old girl (a Halda Portable  P56473) has a few problems.


Firstly, the  right platen knob looks as if it’s been glued together very crudely – if that’s what that resin-like coating is.   (I’ll probably be able to peel most of it away, hopefully keeping the right platen knob intact in the process.)


Worst still, the rubber foot has perished and is as crumbly and sticky as tarmacadam. I think I can safely say the old girl is  in far worse shape than that fine-footed specimen adopted by Richard Polt on his Writing Ball blog.


Have I bitten off more than I can shoe? Hopefully not. I recently purchased a replacement sheet of rubber which promises to be a perfect fit for the foot of my Swedish Cinderella.


Sorry about the pun! Here’s a couple more pics…