Since I had space to spare in my suitcase during a recent trip to Tokyo, I was hoping I might return to Perth with a typewriter.  My wife and I trawled around a district of Tokyo which is noted for its antique shops.


Sadly the only typewriters we could find – an Olympia SM4, an Imperial Good Companion, a Smith-Corona Sterling –  were in too sorry state for me (especially with my lack of mechanical skill) to even consider buying.

Still, determined to fill my suitcase with something typewriter-related, my wife and I visited “Tokyu Hands” –


 – a DIY/Hobby/Craft store (on 5 floors) that has pretty much everything you could possibly need and lots more you don’t.


Since  I need to fix the rubber foot on my Halda,  I picked up several sheets of rubber.


… plus an assortment of rubber bits and pieces which I thought might come in handy…


… plus various glues and enamel paints…


Thankfully, I was able to rely on my wife (who’s Japanese) to read the labels for me – otherwise who knows what I might have bought!