This Elite typewriter and I were meant to be together. For starters, the Shift Keys are monogrammed with my initials…


… plus it came up on Gumtree not far from my home and I had enough money in my wallet to pay for it.


Oddly enough,  while “Made in Germany” is prominently displayed on the paper plate, it has no other decal (apart from the Elite badge on the front).


Also, disappointingly, there’s no identifying manufacturer/distributer plate on the back. There are two small (clean) holes where a plate should be, but it doesn’t look as if a plate was ever fitted.


The serial number: 695845 dates it to 1951 – which is later than the last Olympia Elite serial number listed on the Typewriter database (before the East-West split in 1948). So it’s no longer anonymous, it’s an “Optima”.


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