Like me you may have a few rejected manuscripts tucked away in a drawer or an old shoe box – and yet more drafts languishing on the hard drive of your computer, or  backed-up on a memory stick, never to see the light of day…

… unless of course you decide to give them an airing on the Typosphere!

The example typescripts below are samples from 8 episodes of sit-com I wrote a few years ago.

I submitted several samples like this to a handful of Australian TV producers. Only one bothered to reply. He politely said he wasn’t interested, stating that he didn’t feel that the Australian public would go for a sit-com in which the central character was not  “Australian”.

At this point I should explain that the central character in this sit-com is a middle-aged Englishman (Rodger) who is a permanent resident of Australia (permanent as in permanently stuck in a ghost mining town where he lives with his teenage son, Layton, and where he runs a struggling motel.)

Well you can imagine how disenfranchised I felt – me being an Englishman who has lived in Australia for 19 years (and an Australian Citizen to boot).

Seems like citizens like me and Rodger don’t count. But maybe I should count myself lucky that I was not considered worthy of production? Have you seen what is produced on Australian TV these days? If you’re into soapies, overblown gangster, cop, and hospital dramas, cooking shows, lifestyle shows, talent contests and “celebrity” panel shows (I’m not), then you’re in for a real treat!

Sour grapes? Probably.


“Pommy Bastard, Episode 1, “Who the Bloody Hell are Ya?”:




“Pommy Bastard, Episode 6. “The Barmy Army”: