Let’s be honest, this Royal 240 (Silver-Seiko) is not the prettiest of typewriters…

Royal240_ephant1         Royal240_sidelephant2

The 240 is identical to a ’72 Royal Fleetwood listed among the Royals on Machines of Loving Grace (but without the transistor radio built into the lid).


But what’s with the discoloured “G” and “+ =” keys? I thought they might be replacement keys…


… until I came across a different (identical model) typewriter on eBay with similarly odd coloured keys:


Apart from being the name I bestowed on my typewriter, “The Ugly One” is also the title of a stage play by Marius Von Mayenburg.


“A scalpel-sharp satire about the contemporary obsession with physical beauty for the nip/tuck era.”


I saw it at the Perth Theatre Centre and enjoyed it (mostly due to the captivating presence of gorgeous female lead Gemma Ward).


It wasn’t a bad play, it just didn’t blow my socks off – a bit like this Royal 240 typewriter.

Perhaps a little plastic (key) surgery is in order?


No, let’s leave her the way she is, warts and all. Here’s a typescript written on The Ugly One: