Meet Mavis…


Inspired by Rob’s (Stapler Heaven) post, here’s my ACCO Australia “Rexel Gazelle” – otherwise known as “Mavis”.
As predicted by Rob, the Rexel brand of staplers are now made in China. However, you’ll be pleased to know that this stapler is very well made, with a strong metal construction and rubberised grip.


I actually “permanently borrowed” this stapler from work. It now resides in my home office. When a colleague is asked to leave after being “retrenched”, and if they fail to properly clear their desk, whatever’s left behind is up for grabs.

Yes my friends, the office world is indeed a cut-throat world.  Had the previous owner festooned it with personalised stickers (like Rob) I probably wouldn’t have taken it — but it was black and it was beautiful and it was irresistibly attractive — just like the real Mavis Staples.


Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a prosperous new year.  🙂