Having already posted about the typewriters that feature in the British sit-com “Fawlty Towers”, I had a surprise while watching Episode 5 of  the first series “Gourmet Night” (this being the last episode of the 12 I had not yet watched).

After discovering that the new chef (Kurt) is drunk, Basil jumps in front of a typewriter to quickly type a new menu. But instead of the as yet unidentified Olympia typewriter seen in other episodes of the first series, this typewriter is an Adler.


Basil typing on a wide-carriage machine that appears to be an electric – imagine trying to return that carriage manually!

Fawlty aficionados will recall that this is the episode in which Basil gives his car “a damned good thrashing” after it breaks down on him.


Just as well the Adler was more reliable!