Oh thank you Gumtree for offering up this handsome 1960 Rheinmetall KsT.


And thank you good people of Perth for not being interested so that the price came tumbling down and I was eventually able to snaffle it for $40.


I like the spoon-like carriage return lever…


… and the bosomy  ribbon cover.


According to the manual  the entire carriage (and hence the type bars) can be easily removed. The manual advises however: “Although removal and replacement of the carriage involves no difficulties, removal of same is not advisable unless there is reason to do so.” I won’t be tinkering unnecessarily.


As far as its function goes, I agree with Retro Tech Geneva‘s assertion that it’s  “more of a collector’s typewriter than a writer’s typewriter”. Compared with My Lettera 22 the KsT is nowhere near as nice to type on, but it’s not bad.


The KsT is a similar colour to  my ’22 and size-wise I was surprised how compact it is. It’s not that much bigger than the ’22 and only a little heavier.


For more information about Rheinmetall typewriters, Robert Messenger’s OzTypewriter blog has it covered. Thanks Robert.

My small contribution, this manual…