Despite appearances to  the contrary I landed safely in Brisbane early on Saturday morning… having taken the redeye flight out of Perth at 12.35 a.m.


Couldn’t sleep a wink on the plane (nothing new) and arrived in Brisbane at 6.45 am local time. A train ride later and I checked in to my plush accommodation…


Just kidding, I actually stayed here…


The Rendezvous hotel on Ann Street in the CBD. My Lettera 22 and I were very satisfied with the room…


After a nap, I grabbed a quick lunch at Mos Burger (they have them in Tokyo,  good quality junk food)…


Next stop, the Queensland Art Galleries that were close to my hotel. Lots of great Australian art like this…


“Strange Procession Passing By” by Dick Roughsey (Goolbalathaldin)


Is it just me or are there two typewriters in the picture above?


I gave the art galleries a big thumbs up and then set off back to the hotel. Many of Brisbane’s main thoroughfares and squares (I noticed) were named after Kings and Queens…


King George V


Queen Victoria overseeing her dominion

The aboriginal art in the art gallery may have affected me on  a subconscious level.  I felt as if I were under a spell – I began to hallucinate, seeing giant IBM Selectric golf balls dotted about the city…


Time to get some sleep before the next day’s type-in… !