Last Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Brill (of  DHAITENSOR IBM Selectric III fame).

After Robert Messenger gave me his contact details, I contacted Peter by email and drove up to his place to meet him.

When Peter told me he “lived in his workshop” he wasn’t kidding – this was the first workshop I’ve ever been in that was fitted with plush carpet and a lounge suite!

As well as being comfortable, the workshop was well-equipped with various work benches and lathes. The walls of the workshop were lined with countless shelves of boxes containing typewriter parts and the skeletal remains of various IBM Selectrics – this included a “slo-mo” Selectric that was mounted on the wall – and which Robert Messenger has previously blogged about here.

Peter disappeared briefly into the back of his workshop before returning with two black cases that contained these lovely Underwoods…

BrillsUnderwood1 BrillsUnderwood2

It was at about this point I began to regret not taking a decent camera along. I regretted it even more when  Peter ushered me into his lounge room (the lounge room proper) and I came face to face with a display cabinet full of Blicks!

Here’s one he took out of the cabinet for me to take a (bad) photo of…


There were more typewriters in a second display cabinet…


I was pleased to discover I’m not the only one in Perth with a soft spot for Olivetti typewriters…


How to put a nest of coffee tables to good use!

Two Lexicon 80s, a Diaspron 82,  and… no not a partridge in a pear tree …  a rare Olivetti Graphika with proportional spacing (the pistachio green one).

For better photographs and more details about the Graphika, see the Writing Ball blog here, the RetrotechGeneva blog here, and the Typewriter Heaven blog here. (Thanks guys)

Thanks for the tour, Peter. You and your typewriters were Brill-iant. (Wish I could say the same about my photos!)