The 2014 Guildford Heritage Festival was okay, but it would have been better had there been a few vintage typewriters on offer.


To get my fix I had to leave the festival  and walk 400 metres down the road to the antique shops that line the main road through  town. I was not disappointed…


I lie. I was disappointed, greatly disappointed, not by the typewriters themselves, but by the PRICE of the typewriters.


I REALLY would have liked to have taken this boxy de luxe home (I have no idea what make it is but I’m sure I’ve seen one on someone’s blog).  It’s a rare find for Perth, but is it rare elsewhere, and is it worth $275?


Alongside the boxy de luxe were two more over-priced typewriters: An Olympia Monica ($225) …


And what looks  a lot like my (Torpedo) Remington Senior-Riter ($245)…


Elsewhere in the same shop: an Olympia SM7 ($225) …


It looks like someone touched it!

And an Olympia SF in a colour that antiquarians like to call RARE PINK and then price accordingly ($375) …


No worries mate, at that price I’m not touching it!

Speaking of pink typewriters, the day before my wife and I went to see Populaire which was on as part of  a nationwide (Australian) French Film Festival.

Now THAT was a typewriter fantasy I could afford to buy into!