This IBM Selectric 82 used to be a dirty green colour.


Its new colour scheme was inspired by a certain brand of confectionery, and by the orange perspex cover and matching plastic margin scale that came with the original green machine.


Naturally, I didn’t want my new colour scheme to be ALL ORANGE. No, that would’ve be too much. That would’ve been about as “in your face” as the tee-shirt I received recently from a Mr Brumfield …


In fairness to Brian,  I did pick the colour myself, but on the Internet it looked decidedly less bright!


Be very wary of  colours that might not be “web-safe”. In fact, be wary of Internet content in general, which cannot always be relied upon to give you the true picture.


Carefully chosen photographs and the subtle use of light and shade might be used, for example, to conceal defects such as scratches on a perspex cover …


or the over-application and unevenness of spray paint.


It took me six months to clean and repaint this Selectric 82. Removing the gooey black foam that was stuck to the underside of the lid, and the base, and the sides, was a task that made me question my sanity more than once.


Luckily the black foam on the inside of the machine had not (for the most part) begun to disintegrate and fall into the workings of the machine.


The typewriter seems to be mechanically sound in as much as it gives me (as Bukowski put it) a reassuring “washing machine-like hum” when I switch it on.

Mind you, I am experiencing a few typing glitches …


All things considered, I’m not too enamoured with the typing feel or the finish.


Dare I say it, I think I prefer my IBM 6715,  typewriter philistine that I am!