Dated 30th of May 2014, what follows is a copy of a news bulletin released by the Press Room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Poland and is reproduced here with their permission.

Unique typewriter will return to Poland

Thanks to cooperation between the Polish Consulate General in Toronto and the family of Father Captain Jan Chwist, Polish Armed Forces officer and a Missionary Oblate Priest, who died in 1999, a unique model of an Imperial typewriter will enrich the collection of General Emil Fieldorf “Nil” Home Army Museum in Krakow.

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During World War II, Imperial, a British typewriter company, manufactured a limited series of typewriters designed for the Polish Armed Forces in the United Kingdom.

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The typewriters which included Polish diacritical marks were used by Polish land forces, the navy, and air force.

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After demobilisation in 1947, Father Captain Jan Chwist, who had been a chaplain of the Polish troops in Scotland in 1940-1947, immigrated to Canada, taking the unique war souvenir with him.

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Father Captain Jan Chwist’s family has donated the typewriter to Krakow’s Home Army Museum. The exhibit will be presented to the public during the 29th World Congress of Soviet Labour Camp Prisoners and Home Army Soldiers. The event is scheduled to take place in Krakow on 5-9 June 2014.”