To the victor the spoils…  I mean spools – three Pelikan 13mm Olivetti ribbon spools to be precise.


“Rescued from grandmother’s shed” according to the ad on eBay and offered up for a mere $7 plus free postage.


The seller, who lost 20 cents on the deal, deserved (and received) a big thank you.

PelikanRibbon1 Unfortunately the ribbons (as expected) had been baked dry after many years in a hot shed. But I didn’t buy them for the ribbons, I bought them for the spools…


I wonder if the spools were “Made in Germany”, or whether Olivetti made them in Italy  and supplied them to Pelikan?


I still can’t believe no-one else bid on these.  Was I the only collector in Australia with an  Olivetti in need of a plastic-to-metal spool transplant? It seems so.

Believe me I was ready to pay a lot more. After-all, what self-respecting collector wouldn’t shell out to give their Studio 45 a pair of original spools?



  Now it can sit alongside my Studio 44 and not feel quite so inferior.


 It is inferior though. Which is why my Studio ’44 got preferential treatment and got the one black and red ribbon I had left.




Update 31/08/2015:

Almost a year to the day of this post, I picked up two more (Imperitype) Olivetti typewriter spools …


… oh and a spool for an Olivetti mechanical calculator, even though I don’t own one …


The ribbon on the latter was so musty I immediately binned it. The red and black typewriter ribbons are both bone dry (of course).


I sold the Studio 45 a while ago, but not before I put back the plastic spools it originally came with, and put the metal ones in my Barcelona Lettera 32.

Spool mercenary that I am.