A consignment of typewriters winged their way to me last week from Rob Messenger in Canberra (let’s not let road freight get in the way of a good title).


As most of us know, Robert is whittling his collection down to a more manageable size, which means collectors like me are the  beneficiaries.


Looks promising, especially since I only ordered two typewriters!


Three mummified typewriters (great packing job)!

While Rob had many excellent typewriters to offer (and did) I opted for two portables that had long been on my wish list:

1. An early Adler Tippa …


I’ve been wanting one of these after trying out Scott K’s at the Brisbane type-in in March, and like Scott’s, this one does not disappoint. The carriage is silky smooth and what a pleasant clickety-click! Pure quality through and through. For all things “Tippa”, read Robert’s post here.

2. An Olympia Splendid 33 …


I’ve bid on a few of these over the past year but always lost out.  This one has a Pica typeface that was picked out especially for me. It rocks!

3. An  LP 44 (Antares Compact) …


This third typewriter (follow the link above for more information) was a very pleasant surprise, not just because Robert gifted it to me, but because it also happens to be a very good typewriter. It’s got more of a rattle than the other two, which is not a criticism – you just feel as if you could rattle off a novel on it. Despite the AZERTY keys, my fingers took to it like a duck to water.

As if being given an extra typewriter wasn’t enough, Robert was also kind enough to send me some decals for an Empire Aristocrat repaint project I have planned …


Thanks Robert, you are a champion!