This Remington Envoy (Type 1) popped up on Gumtree, oddly enough in the suburb of Safety Bay, only a few streets away from the pickup address of my Groma Kolibri find of two weeks before.


You have to be quick to beat the antique dealers and the key-choppers (God forbid). You also need to be lucky. Had I not decided to take a quick  look on Gumtree late on Wednesday evening, I would have probably been too late.



According to Richard Polt’s The Classic Typewriter Page: Remington Portables page, there were only  24,531 of these (including the DeLuxe Junior) made between July 1938 and August 1941 and their serial numbers range from SD268298 to SD292828.


Mine has the serial number SD286572 which dates it to 1939 (so glad it just snuck into the 1930’s).

It’s similar to a Remington Envoy owned by Robert Messenger, who gives us some information about how these typewriters came to be in Australia thanks to the Chartres Business Service “… a major Australia-wide company that imported Remington typewriters until the 1930s, when Remington assembled its own typewriters in Sydney”.

The case is in very good shape, carriage and typebars all move freely, and all bodes well!