Meet the latest arrival: a brother for my Brother Deluxe.


I am happy to report (well actually Rob Messenger was happy to report in June last year ) that the Brother Deluxe 700T portable typewriter came out on top in an Australian Consumers’ Association Choice Magazine Portable Typewriter Survey in 1977.


In the Australian  – and more especially the New Zealand – vernacular, choice is often used as an adjective to mean really good. It’s not an adjective I’d normally use, but in this context I think it’s apt. The Brother Deluxe 700T is a good typewriter – slightly better than the 1980s Silver Reed 500 I recently sold, which had similar black keys, a similar typing feel, and a similar Pica typeface.


What the Silver Reed 500 lacked in compactness and a lid, the Brother Deluxe 700T more than makes up for:


Of course compactness is relative. The Deluxe 700T may be more compact than the Silver Reed 500, but it’s nowhere near as compact as its predecessor:


While the metallic-bodied Deluxe is better to look at, the plastic-bodied 700T is better to use.



Somehow it ended up in a Salvos Op Shop in Midland, Western Australia – the same Op shop where, earlier this year, I picked up another Choice 1970s typewriter, a Lettera 32, and for the same asking price ($15.25).


Judging by its condition, I’d say this 700T has hardly been used in the past 37 (at least) years.Why it was priced much lower than two very poor condition electronic wedges I have no idea! Not that I’m complaining.