This 197X Adler Gabriele 35  is similar to one owned by Gee of “TypeOH!” fame who summed this model of  typewriter up well when he said: “These are fine typewriters but not ones that collectors fight over. They are not rare and a simple check shows that many sell for less than $30.00.


I paid $30 AUD for mine and it’s worth every cent. The serial number (located under the carriage on the left-hand side) is 15283067, which doesn’t tie-in with the serial numbers on the TWDB.



As reported by Rob Messenger here the Adler Gabriele 35 was rated as “good but pricey” by the British Consumers’ Association in its December 1979 issue of Which? magazine.


PICA CUBIC 10 pitch typeface

As Rob points out, the same typewriter was also reviewed in an Australian Choice review of “Heavy Duty Portable Typewriters” and was ranked, along with the Smith-Corona Classic 12, as “recommended”.


Classic 12 #6LTV-353248 (SOLD)

What’s surprising is the fact that the plastic-bodied Gabriele is a similar weight to the metal-bodied Classic 12, which I expected to be a lot heavier.


There’s really not much to choose between them and they’re both excellent typewriters, but if I had to choose one to keep …