Today I did my usual monthly trawl around the antique shops and came across three very interesting typewriters.



First and foremost, what appears to be a German EFKA typewriter with a Polish company badge (“panstwowe wytwornie uzbrojenia w warszawie” which Google translates to “federal armament  production company in Warsaw”and the initials “f k” Frankfurt?



A very sturdy looking machine whatever it is,  with a hefty price tag to match.



Another heavyweight contender was this BAR-LOCK No. 21. I say “No. 21” only because a similar  typewriter (with a wider carriage) is currently advertised as a “21” on Gumtree ($220 negotiable):


The Gumtree seller dates his to 1946.


The Bar-Lock in the shop is a very nice looking typewriter, but not one I would consider buying since I already own a similarly green but more beautiful fat-bottomed Italian  …

… and besides, as is always the case at this particular antique shop, the $325 asking price is way too high.


This more reasonably-priced but still pricey Erika left me feeling lovesick as I left the store.


Since I was within earshot and under the watchful eye of the shop proprietor (on surveillance camera), I didn’t “play” with it.


I would have dearly liked to take her home, but after doing a quick mental calculation …


… (I wasn’t allowed to play with this one either) decided I couldn’t  afford to part with $275 (or whatever I might have been able to haggle the price down to).

Really I don’t know why I torture myself.