Cartoon typewriters aren’t real, of course.


But there are times when cartoon typewriters are more reliable than the real thing. An archived Real Estate Article from 2011 shows the interior of a property (a sprawling wine country estate in Santa Rosa, California) that Charles M Schulz purchased from the Roman Catholic Church in the early 1970s.


Given the Peanuts wall art and a Schulz Biography carefully positioned alongside a large (Royal Quiet Writer?) typewriter, I think we can  safely say that this is not a typewriter that ever belonged to Mr Schulz, but simply a product of the imagination of a highly-motivated real estate agent.

More reliable of course, is the provenance of the typewriter that was a product of the imagination of Schulz himself…


“It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a typewriter rang out!”


A (Smith Corona?) typewriter that Schulz did use is shown (not so clearly) in the following photographs:

Charles M. Schulz

Photo by Nat Farbman//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images