Since I rarely come across a stapler that catches my eye, this could turn out to be my stapler of the year.


The SAX FROG 400 combined the advantage of easier handling with numerous functions – even nailing!

“Just as the VW Beetle turned into a car for the masses, the FROG 400 by SAX became THE stapler for home and office use. Its simplicity has made it a stapler that still holds its place on the market – well-tried and sold a million times over.”


SAX has a long tradition of manufacturing high quality office accessoires and is the best known office products brand name in Austria. The company was founded in 1888 by Heinrich Sachs.

In 1920, Heinrich Sach’s son Ludwig began gradually to take control of the business. Ludwig was born in 1882 and later studied chemistry writing his dissertation “On Chemical Bonds Containing Magnesium” which was published in 1905. Ludwig looked towards expanding the range of production, beginning in the early 1930s with staplers, hole punches and sharpeners.

Mass production of hole punches and staplers began in 1931. In 1938, with the annexation of Austria by the Nazis, Ludwig Sachs was dispossessed of his property and arrested. The “Heinrich Sachs Metallwarenfabrik” was “Aryanized” by members of the staff.

In 1940, Ludwig was able to escape to Shanghai.  After the war in 1947, the company was returned comparably without complications to its rightful owner, something that in post-war Austria was a rare occurrence. Up to his death in 1954, Sachs continued to develop numerous patents for hole punches and staplers.


That’s a lot of history for such a small stapler!