I bought this 1940 Triumph Perfekt for $100 from Daphne Sheppard’s collection.


It has a few imperfections. For a start, the platen’s rock hard, and it has a few missing parts, namely one margin stop, and one metal spool which has been replaced with a plastic imposter.


There are surface rust spots here and there, and some stubborn gummy residue on the left-hand side that (so far) won’t come off.


Despite that, this is a quality typewriter in reasonable shape for its age.


At first, I did wonder if the key top of the margin release key had been replaced with a green plastic peg …


… but after seeing that Richard Polt’s ivory Triumph Norm and others on the TWDB have the same green peg, realised it must be original.


Pica with accented keys

The typing feel on this machine is snappy. The key-tops not only look good, they respond well to the touch.

The QWERTZ keyboard is unusual (Czech?) in that you have to use the Shift key if you want to type the numbers on the top row of keys. This has caught me out a few times. Priority is given to accented letters instead.


The serial number on this typewriter (414738) is located on the keyboard comb directly behind the ribbon selector …


A Triumph Norm portable typewriter and a brief history of Triumph-Werke Nurnberg can be found at Sevenels.net (scroll down).

There’s also a very nice 1942 Triumph Scriva (Perfekt) owned by Vilhem Dromberg on the TWDB.

And an interesting 1943 model Triumph Perfekt is featured in a blog post by Rob Messenger here.