The centenary of the Nottingham Evening Post in 1978 coincided with a switch from metal typesetting to photo typesetting.


I remember this technology as a young art student sentenced in 1980 (that’s how I saw it at the time), to several weeks of work experience at the premises of a small publishing company in Blackpool, Lancashire.


This was a time of technological change, but also a time of youth misspent in pubs and snooker halls. In other words, I was a typical art student.

While I was loafing around, others (like Rob Messenger and his ilk) were racing against the clock to bring us the news.


NottsPhotosetting1 NottsPhotosetting6

Typewriters were on their way out, but still very much around, as this ad from the same newspaper testifies…


Congratulations Nottingham Evening Post! (all scans taken from my copy of this issue, found in an antique shop, $1)