The Adler Tippa Instruction Handbook is a multilingual  reference (printed in English, Dutch, French and Spanish). As the booklet says of itself:

“Perhaps there may be no real need for you to read this booklet, for typing isn’t such a difficult art after all. Whether you have a Tippa 1 or a Tippa 2, there is just a chance you may come across an odd hint or two, when glancing through the pages of this booklet, that will help you to get tip top results with your Tippa.”


At first glance a Tippa 1 and a Tippa 2 look quite similar. Sometimes Adler made things easy by adding the number “1” or “2” to the badge on the ribbon cover …


Mechanically, the main differences between the Tippa 1 and the Tippa 2 is the addition of touch control and a “variable interliner” on the Tippa 2:

“If you want to type on a form with guidelines, you simply pull the left-hand platen knob, thus the platen will become independent of the original line space rhythm. Turn platen until the line to be typed coincides with the scale line of the line finders, and push the left-hand platen knob in again.”

Other differences:

Paper Support:

  • On a Tippa 1 you simply have to swing it up and into position.
  • On a Tippa 2 there’s a release lever behind the paper plate. Also the paper support on the Tippa 2 has an end of line indicator, whereas the Tippa 1 does not (and has to make do with a bottom edge marker on the bottom right of the carriage).

Card holder:

  • Tippa 1: To draw lines poke the point of a pencil through the little hole in the right-hand line finder underneath the triangular card holder.
  • Tippa 2: To draw lines poke the point of a pencil in one of the edges of the card holder.

Tippa 2 card holder and plastic guides (above) and paper support release lever

Interestingly, there’s not a single (unless I missed it) Tippa 2 listed on the TWDB. Must be as rare as hens teeth!

If you can read English, Spanish, French, or Dutch, you might want to read the instruction handbook yourself, so here it is. (BTW A previous owner, and not me, insisted on writing “Triumph” wherever “Adler” was mentioned in the text!)





For the remaining pages see: Adler Tippa 1 and 2 Instruction Handbook (Part 2)