Nothing to see here. I just decided to give my 1954 Gossen Tippa a post of its own.


A portable typewriter of this quality should not have to share billing with a Tippa S. Besides, I reattached the broken paper bail (by inserting a split pin to compensate for a screw that was missing) …


I finally realised that in order to remove the base you have to unscrew the feet. And there I was expecting there to be two release levers somewhere (which let’s face it, would be better than having to take the feet off every time you want to detach typewriter from base).


I know, slow on the uptake. But I got there eventually, and that allowed me to get underneath and inside and remove a whole heap of dust and dead beetles, several paper clips and one ball bearing, which I hope isn’t meant to be somewhere else.


Seems unaffected by its removal though.


A new ribbon has been fitted …


Now all I need is some kind of lid or carry bag, and this beauty will be good to go.



Gossen Tippa ready for take-off!