Happy New Year and all that Jazz. So there I was browsing the second-hand Jazz section in the basement of Dada Records (Perth’s number one record store) when I came across this …


It’s a Jazz compilation recorded by The Bad Plus, an American Jazz trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and released in 2007 on the Do The Math label. An eclectic mixture of originals and covers.


Not my first encounter with a Smith-Corona-typewriter-themed CD cover …


On The Ropes EP by The Wonder Stuff, Polydor Ltd (UK) 1993.


The Wonder Stuff are a British alternative rock band, originally based in Stourbridge, West Midlands, England. Not my cup of tea. I paid a dollar so I could get my hands on the CD sleeve.


The Bad Plus CD was more expensive. I “did the math” and decided I could afford to risk $12 on a trio of jazz musicians I’d never heard of. The typewriter (a Smith-Corona Coronet) may possibly have inspired track 6: Thriftstore Jewelery.


Typewriter cymbal-ism?


From L to R: Reid Anderson, (Bass), Ethan Iverson (Piano), Dave King (Drums)

All of the covers on this CD are good. I especially like the opening Tears for Fears track, and it’s hard to beat a good rendition of a Burt Bacharach/Hal David composition, which is what track 8 delivers.

But for me, the highlights on this CD are three original  compositions by Reid Anderson: track 2 Physical Cities, track 5 Giant, and track 9 The World is The Same.


Typewriters and jazz music. It adds up to something good.