A search for “Milan Typewriter” revealed the existence of the Associazone Culturale Umberto di Donato: Museo Della Macchina de Scrivere.

Created by author, typewriter collector and enthiusiast, Umberto di Donato, the museum has more than 1500 pieces.


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Umberto’s first book La Penna il Tasto e il Mouse (The Pen, the Key, and the Mouse) was published in 2009.

museo macchine da scrivere al tenebiaco di sesto - umberto di donato

As the title suggests, the book charts the history of written communication, from calligraphy, to the typewriter, to the computer. Umberto has also written a book about Braille typewriters.

Umberto-diDonato4Typewriters for Dummies?

Umberto-di-Donato2Typewriters are for everyone, real or imagined.


Why search for typewriters in Milan?  I have the following letter in my collection and wanted to build a post around it. (Whoever typed it was no dummy.)







Oberkorn (It’s a small town) by Depeche Mode