Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to …  swap the name plates on an Olivetti typewriter.

I was interested to read about “the pickle” concerning Liam O’Sullivan’s pistachio-green–coloured Lexikon 80 on the TWDB and have a minor pickle of my own:

Am I right in thinking (I think I must be) that this is a Lexikon 80 with a Diaspron “Olivetti 82” name plate?

Olivetti82 (2)

Recent Australian eBay sightings: Lexikon “Olivetti 82” (above) Diaspron “Olivetti 82” (below)



While the keytops are similar, they’re obviously not the same typewriter.

Collector Uwe Wachtendorf has a nice (Yes I DO like the design especially with a narrow carriage) 1966 Diaspron 82 on the TWDB.

This British “Lexikon 82” seems to be a one-off …


It’s either the product of a drunken Scotsman on the assembly line at the Glaswegian Olivetti plant, or the product of a resourceful seller who was missing a name plate.


Or is it possible a small number of Lexikon 80s were sold as “Olivetti 82s” during a period of transition from the production of the Lexikon to the Diaspron?

The seller of the “Lexy 82” has provided the serial number 100846 (1958) which is discernible (just) in the following photo …


p.s. If you are the seller, or own, or subsequently own one of these two typewriters I’ll be more than happy to credit you as the owner, or remove the photos if you object to my using them. 🙂

I don’t expect this to stay listed long. It’s very reasonably priced, $60 AUD Buy It Now, Local Pickup, New South Wales.


Postscript 17/04/2016

The listing for the wide-carriage ’82 (above) disappeared after a few weeks, not sure if it sold or not.

Today another “Olivetti 82” was listed for sale on eBay, also  in New South Wales, so there goes my “one-off” theory. This one’s in bad shape, key-tops are round rather than oval …

Olivetti-82x2 Olivetti-82x3 Olivetti-82x4 Olivetti-82x

The plot thickens …