FREE is very affordable … but unfortunately someone got there before me.


By a strange coincidence, the day before this FREE Brother 9300 ad got posted on Gumtree, I’d been researching the same typewriter following an eBay sighting.

I should explain that I’m not actively looking to collect more wedges (I currently have 4) but I do have a curiosity for the more unusual ones.


When I first saw this typewriter (okay electronic wedge if you want to be picky) the thought crossed my mind that it could be that  damned elusive pimpernel Brother JP-13.

Electronic daisywheel typewriter with the same moveable carriage and fixed typing element as the golf ball JP-11 and JP-14. Odd that it’s a JP-16 and lumped with the CE Series wedges, but who can argue with JP16 stamped on the underside of the plastic lid (see last pic).


eBay sighting: Serial number E21590666 (possibly E21690666) dates it to May of 1982.

Which ties-in nicely with this ad in The Age newspaper (Melbourne, Australia) dated 3rd May 1982 …


And right alongside the Brother ad, a “Typewriter Bonanza” ad (note the apartheid-era article above it) …

Typewriter Bonanza-SCM

I’m not sure IBM were enjoying much of a “bonanza” in 1982. They were probably wishing Brother would “cut it out”.

Here’s a Brother Electronic 8300 (German eBay sighting):


If you look closely you can just make out the daisy wheel in this pic …


But if in doubt, note the daisywheel motif to the right of the keyboard …



eBay sighting: Serial number M21030902 dates it to December 1982.