Forget Star Wars, last weekend this Gumtree ad offered me the tantalising prospect of either an Imperial Good Companion 6 or an Imperial Good Companion 7 …


Oh yes, I love vintage, especially when it turns out to be a hard-to-find IGC7 …


I picked it up on Saturday May 7th. Not cheap, but not astronomically-priced either.


It’s in good working condition. There is some yellowing to the white plastic, particularly the platen knobs and the space bar, but that only adds to the charm.



All this typewriter needs is a proper cleaning, two replacement rubber feet for the two missing from the base, plus one replacement foot for one that’s in bad shape on the typewriter itself …


Imperial Good Companion 7 (serial number 7AD 869 = 1964 according to the TWDB)


As Robert Messenger tells us in one of a series of posts about the Imperial family of portable typewriters, only 26,000 IGC7’s were ever made. He also tells us:

“While the first Imperial Good Companions, the Model T and Models 4 and 6 are carriage-shifted with identical segment-typebaskets, the Models 3, 5 and 7 are segment-or basket-shifted. The segments and typebaskets on the odd-numbered models are totally different to those on the even-numbered models.”

It’s interesting to note that IGC7s were manufactured with two styles of carriage return lever. A more flamboyantly curvaceous return lever like the one on my IGC5 …


Or a straighter return lever like the one on my recently acquired IGC7 …


For ease-of-use, the straighter lever is the better design of the two.  I have seen one or two IGC7s with the straighter lever advertised for sale online. Also Argentinian lawyer and collector Guillermo Fernandez Boan added his 1964 IGC7 (7AA 530) to the TWDB.

The fibre-glass cover is also an improvement on the one provided with the Imperial Good Companion 5, since there’s greater clearance between lid and typewriter, making it much easier to attach the lid to the base without scratching the front of the typewriter.

The IGC7 has a nice snappy action which is similar to the IGC5. They also share the same Pica typeface …


No problem whatsoever when it comes to the spools, thank you typewriter gods …

IGC7-SpoolR IGC7-SpoolL

This is a typewriter that appears not to have travelled far in its lifetime (I mean apart from when it was shipped from the U.K. to Perth, Western Australia). The pickup address was only a few streets away from the address shown on the dealer plate on the inside of the fibre-glass case …


It’s unexpected local finds like this that fuel the addiction.


Now if I could just find an Imperial Good Companion 3 and complete a segment-shifted trifecta …! 🙂