This blog has finally descended to toilet humour…



Toilet humour with a distinctly Japanese flavour…


But perhaps “toilet” and “flavour” are two words best not used in the same sentence …


These are art picture books …


The same designs are printed on umbrellas …


“Lighten up your gloomy rainy days with the original umbrella branded SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER. Seletti’s quality joins with the originality of TOILETPAPER, an image-magazine of the artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, giving birth to this funny and colourful umbrella. Made in polyester and with a wooden handle, the yellow umbrella is decorated with the funny and ironic picture of two hands, whose fingers are covered with thimbles, typewriting on the keyboard. Shelter yourself from rain with style and originality.”

I’m not sure what the link is between toilet paper and February 1981, however there is a link between thimbles, typewriters and letter quality printers dating back to November 1982 and an article in PC Magazine








Let’s finish on a more tasteful note, with a typewriter scene from Toto Neechan (とと姉ちゃん?) a Japanese television drama currently airing on NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster.

“In 1930 and as a young child, Tsuneko Kohashi lives at Enshu in Shizuoka Prefecture. She has a happy life with her parents and two younger sisters. Things change after her father dies from tuberculosis. Her father asked Tsuneko Kohashi to take care of the family in his place. Due to financial difficulties, her mother Kimiko decides to move the family to Tokyo where Tsuneko’s grandmother lives.

In Tokyo, Tsuneko eventually graduates from school. She begins to work at small publishing company and learns editing. By 1945, Tsuneko decides to publish a magazine for women with the help of her two younger sisters.”