I sold my Imperial Good Companion 5, and in so doing, traded one Imperial for another. Technically, I haven’t added to my collection, although I have added bulk …
Did I say “Imperial”? Actually, make that a “Royal”. I was confused by the Imperial sticker on the paper plate …
… on second thoughts, make that a Triumph-Adler …
… no actually, make that an Imperial 90. By the 11th of May, 1982, which is when this typewriter was purchased by its previous owner, typewriter brand names really weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. Speaking of the paper they were printed on …
It was the existence of paperwork and an instruction guide that piqued my interest in this big typewriter — that and the fact that this R 700 typewriter was a local find (5 minutes drive from my place of work) and reasonably priced at $40 AUD.
It looks spotless now, but this typewriter was very gummed up, and I had to remove the plastic shell and the carriage (which lifts on and off very easily) to give it a proper clean.
The typing feel is very nice, but the typeface is a disappointingly small Elite Cubic.  My Adler Gabriele 35 has Pica Cubic, which I would have preferred.
The Royal R 700 will be moving on. It is a top quality typewriter though.
The R 700 alongside an Adler Gabriele 35
The Royal R 700/ Imperial 90 is a rebadged Adler Universal 200 …
As with the instruction guide for the Adler Universal 200/390/400, the model numbers on the cover of the R 700 instruction guide (See download link at the end of this post) also come in threes …
  Royal R 700 (Imperial 90)
 Royal R 701 (Imperial 91)
Royal R 702 (Imperial 92)
The R 701/Imperial 91 is a rebadged Adler Universal 390, which has a character spacing switch on the right-hand side of the keyboard …

The Royal R 702/Imperial 92/Adler Universal 400 is illustrated below …


It differs from the R 700 and R 701 in that it has a row of tabulator keys rather than the standard tabulator (numbered “25” above).

The serial number on this R 700 goes beyond the numbers listed for the Adler Universal 200, however if you look on the TWDB at the numbers under “Triumph” and “Standards”, there’s mention of a “New Series” starting in 1977 from serial number 300 006 50.

The late 1970s seems right for this machine, given its 1982 purchase date.


Serial Number is on both the carriage and the body of the machine …


T-A “Royal R 700” typewriters aren’t exactly common. The results of a search were confined to Western Australia (this typewriter), South America and Central America …

They’re just too darned heavy to rise much above the equator!
Royal R 700 Instruction Guide