Typewriters can lead you in unexpected directions and even have an influence on the music you listen to. Take, for example, my discovery of The Bad Plus, a jazz trio I was drawn to because of the typewriter on the CD cover of their album, Prog.

Having said that, I was trawling through the Jazz CDs at my favourite record shop at the time, so it wasn’t so much a change in musical direction as an unexpected detour.

Another recent discovery is GoGo Penguin, a “jazz trio” from Manchester, UK, featuring pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Rob Turner.

“Nu-jazz trio” is probably the best way to describe them, since the ‘Penguin sound incorporates elements of electronica, trip-hop, rock and classical music.

No typewriter on the cover of the CD this time, so in desperation I put the cover of the CD onto a typewriter …


I am happy to report, however, that a recent review of the band’s latest album Man Made Object (Blue Note) contained this reference to typewriters:

Among the many “Man Made” highlights: “Unspeakable World” almost sounds as if Illingworth and Co. are sitting at typewriters rather than instruments.