Simply Second-hand is a local store that often has a typewriter or two for sale at reasonable prices. Three typewriters were on offer on this visit, two new arrivals and a typewriter I’d met before.

For $75, a Singer Graduate (Model T-3) which looks identical to a ’60s Royal Signet …


This typewriter had an escapement problem and would not type past the platen’s halfway point. It also had a very small Elite typeface.


There was also some damage to the rear of the machine which had been plugged with filler.


This interesting sighting is now on the TWDB. It was made in Holland …



Next up: An Olympia Traveller for the same price as the Singer …


This is the first time I’ve seen one of these in the wild. I was surprised how small it was, and also by how flimsy the side panels were. Why would I buy one of these when I have an excellent Olympia SM9 and two excellent SFs? I moved on quickly …

Best of all was this all metal (although the snap-on lid is plastic) Imperial 230. It has a lovely colour combination, a surprisingly snappy typing feel, and a nice big typeface. The only drawback was the price: a hefty $120.


This is a typewriter I’d seen on a previous visit. In fact I added it to the TWDB as a sighting three months ago.

It’s a much better Silver-Seiko typewriter than “The Ugly One” Royal 201 I once owned. This one has a much more solid feel and there’s no unsightly discolouration of the key-tops.

As I anticipated no-one was prepared to pay a three-figure sum for it. After some haggling, the shop owner accepted $80.

These “full metal jacket” Silver-Seiko typewriters are thin on the ground, so I was happy to make it mine. It’s the best Japanese typewriter I’ve ever owned. All it needs is a new ribbon and a bit of a clean. 🙂