I’m not sure why it happens (it could be that Blogger’s got it in for us WordPressers) but sometimes my published blog posts get lost in cyberspace …


6 years ago?


I published my last post because the-post-before-that failed to show up. That post was posted at two o’clock in the morning (Saturday, Perth time) after I couldn’t sleep, so I may have unwittingly been sucked into a black hole.

It’s a phenomenon, not unlike that experienced when you transfer funds from one Australian bank account to another on a Friday afternoon, whereupon the transferred amount disappears completely for the next 48 hours or longer.

In the case of the latter, I’m sure the banks are earning interest on the transferred amount while it sits temporarily in some account in the Cayman Islands. Of course, much like Father Ted (“Dougal, that money was just resting in my account…”) the banks will deny any such impropriety.

The “interest” that my blog attracts, such that it is, is largely due to its exposure on the Typosphere blogroll at the typosphere,blogspot.com, so I’m a little disconcerted when it fails to show up.

Anyway, I just thought I’d explain why I’m not there. Not that I really can explain why I’m not there.


To read this post, you may need to travel back in time (scroll down the blogroll and keep on scrollin’ ↓) …