A French twist on two classic typewriters …


“Ce que disent les experts en dactylographie est d’un interet vital pour tout professeur, etudiant et maison de commerce ….”    

“What the experts say about typing is of vital interest for any teacher, student and place of business …”


La Nouvelle ROYAL La Premiere Machine A Ecrire Du Monde


The Royal KMM introduced Royal’s famous and patented Magic Margin system, whereby holding down the right or left margin lever and sliding the carriage to the desired location “magically” set the margin. — from Machines of Loving Grace


La PREMIERE fois dans une machine a ecrire …

The FIRST time in a typewriter …


Une simple frappe sur la clavier — la marge est mise!

A single keystroke on the keyboard — the margin is set!


Sometimes alternately labeled “Model 17” or “No.17″ or not labeled at all. The model debuted in 1939 and became the primary workhorse for government offices during WWII. In 1947, it was renamed the KMC (for Keyboard Margin Control). The model was discontinued in 1950.” — from Machines of Loving Grace

For more, see Richard Polt’s KMC vs, KMM post. 🙂