As well as being the title of a 2015 Brazilian (HBO) mini-series now streaming on Australia’s multicultural TV channel, SBS, Magnifica 70 is also a great name for a typewriter …


Magnifica 70. The censor who fell for a porn star

Sao Paolo in the 1970s is a repressive place under military occupation. Vicente is a staid porn censor who’s happily married to the daughter of an army general. Until, that is, he falls in love with a porn star he sees in a film called The Hot Student, and rebels, helping the erotica industry make movies that sit just on the right side of the censorship line.


Think of South America and typewriters, and you automatically think of large Hispano Olivettis (well I do anyway) …


In this case, however, the leading typewriter role goes to a wide-carriage Super Riter


… similar to, but not the same as, this British-built Remington Rand …


When you’re up against a military dictatorship, it’s probably just as well you have a typewriter that’s super reliable and built like a tank …