Fargo Season Three is the best thing I’ve watched on free-to-air TV in a long time.

The cast couldn’t be better. Ewan McGregor who plays brothers Emmit & Ray Stussy, and David Thewlis who plays the mysterious villian V.M. Vargas, are particularly impressive, as is Carrie Coon who plays police-chief Gloria Burgle …

Episode 3: The Law of Non Contradiction was especially good. The plot moves into flashback to reveal Gloria’s stepfather Ennis Stussy’s past life as science-fiction writer Thaddeus Mobley (Thomas Randall Mann).

In L.A. to attend a book awards ceremony where he picks up the 1975 Singularity Award Best Science Fiction Novel for “The Planet Wyh”, Mobley meets producer Howard Zimmerman, who uses the lure of sex and drugs to con the young writer into handing over his book advance, supposedly to finance a movie.

Mobley and Zimmerman 


Where there’s a ’70s sci-fi writer, there’s a typewriter.

In this instance, not a Baby Selectric as favoured by Isaac Azimov and Ray Bradbury — nor a left-over Selectric prop from Fargo Season 2 that we see for a split second in the foyer at the venue of the book awards —but a Smith Corona Marchant (SCM) typewriter which we glimpse briefly in Mobley’s hotel room …

Author in hotel room typing in his underwear is something of a cinematic cliche (Barton Fink, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) but a welcome one.

“From small dreams, huge civilizations arise …”


A tell-tale glimpse of the ribbon cover …

… tells me this is probably a Smith Corona Galaxy like this one …


Parts of the backstory are illustrated by an animated sequence which follows the intergalactic travels of a small robot who’s only words are “I can help” as he watches the visited worlds around him disintegrate into chaos …

“I can help …”


A typewriter check on series creator Noah Hawley came up trumps: Not that you’d expect a successful screenwriter to use a typewriter when he can use fully-featured screenwriting software such as Final Draft; however he does use a typewriter as a source of inspiration and keeps a framed photo of his mother as a girl, sitting at her mother’s typewriter, in his office in Austin, Texas …

Image from: http://variety.com/2016/tv/awards/fargo-legion-noah-hawley-office-1201838882/


Great writing thus far!