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  1. hmmn. Brother made a Proportional Spacing machine? cuz that’s what that wheel is for (note how the “M” doesn’t have much space between it and other letters, and the “I” has lots). Also, that’s a good but pretty creepy poem 😀

    • Thanks Ted. P.S. must be supported on Brother’s big office wedges. I haven’t got my head around how these P.S. wheels differ from the 10/12 ones, since they look identical.
      And this was written on my AX-10 which only has a choice of 10 or 12 pitch. One flaw with this machine is that the paper slips on the platen even when the paper release is NOT engaged, which may also have thrown the spacing out.

      • I’ll have to look for that now. My Pro 90 has 10-12-15 cpi but not PS. However, I have a handful of Xerox wheels in PS, 10 and 12 cpi for the Memorywriter. I do know it was supposedly far easier to do PS with a daisywheel than mechanically, and a lot of higher-end wedges could do it.

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