Not the kind that protects your beloved machine from dust, the postal kind …

The five authors featured on the stamps and cover above, form the basis for contemporary Dutch literature (2013):

Simon Carmiggelt (7 October 1913 – 30 November 1987) was a writer, newspaper columnist, and television personality.

Gerrit Kouwenaar (9 August 1923 – 4 September 2014) was a journalist, translator, poet and prose writer.

Louis Marie-Anne Couperus (10 June 1863 – 16 July 1923) was a novelist and poet.

Adriaan Roland Holst (23 May 1888 – 5 August 1976) was nicknamed the “Prince of Dutch Poets”.

Godfried Jan Arnold Bomans (2 March 1913 – 22 December 1971) was a popular author and television personality.

Max Rudolf Frisch (May 15, 1911 – April 4, 1991) was a Swiss playwright and novelist. But why commemorate the centenary of his birth with what looks like a late-model plastic (Japanese?) “Adler” portable typewriter?

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Like Tennessee Williams, Frisch used a variety of typewriters and had a soft spot for the Olivetti Studio 44. A Frisch-related typewriter link can be found at: