I recently purchased (and scanned) an Instruction Guide for the Panasonic RX-250 (an electronic typewriter I already owned). A reference number on the rear cover leads me to believe the year of manufacture is 1986.

I’m looking forward to playing around with this typewriter’s functionality when I get some free time. Several other wedges, most notably my IBM 6747, are also under wraps awaiting my attention—some of them are awaiting instruction guides—it’s nice when one eventually turns up online at a reasonable price.


Names and Operation of the Parts

Names and Operation of the Selectors

Here’s the scanned guide (all 56 pages of it, which I scanned a few pages at a time over a period of several months). Enjoy!

Panasonic KX-R250-Instruction-Guide (12.9 MB)

Copyright is owned by the Panasonic Corporation (formerly the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.) This PDF (of the scans of an instruction guide I own) is offered as a free resource.