Big Brother may be watching me, but I’ve also been watching Big Brother. In my case, big electronic office typewriters listed for sale in online auctions around the world. I haven’t come across any of these in the wild as yet.



The first standard typewriter to roll off the Brother production line was the Brother EM-1.

EM-1, 1980, at the Brother museum in Nagano, Japan  (Above)

EM-2, 1982 (Above)

EM-1050 & Monitor (above)

Brother EM-701, 1985  (Above)

EM-811 (Above)

EM-601, 1988 (Above)

EM-850fx/D (Above)


Brother CM-1000 (above)

Brother CM-2000 1994 (above)

Brother CE-500  (Above)

Brother CE- 650  (Above)

Brother CE-550  (Above)


Brother CE-700  (Above)

Brother CE-800α  (Above)