I now have a working $10 (AUD) Lexikon 83DL typewriter and a second Pica 15 golf ball (in addition to the Eletto 12 ball I obtained by buying a non-working Lexikon 82).

I say “working” even though the ribbon is bone dry, and the chug-a-chug-chug of the drive belt sounds like it was transplanted from an old washing machine.

A bigger problem is the lack of a new (old stock) ribbon. The prospect of finding one is not good.

According to advertising of the time (1977) these Lexikon 82/83-compatible and SCM Vantage/Intrepid-compatible ribbons were once available in 5 colours.

It’s worth repeating, the Olivetti Lexikon 82/83DL (and, for that matter, the Smith Corona Vantage and Intrepid) is NOT more portable than my Brother Super 7300 golf ball typewriter, despite its more streamlined shape.

In terms of bulk and weight, they’re “on a par” (golfing pun intended).

While I’m on the subject, I should mention I updated my A Whole New Ball Game post to make mention of a few golf ball typewriters I missed the first time around.

New Yorker Magazine, November 1977