Top 5 most successful startups in 2021

It has been an ups and downs year, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic that swept across the globe. In India, several strong entrepreneurs have tested their ideas and taken advantage of potential business opportunities. Although some have failed, others have succeeded. The growth of startups in India is facilitated by cheap skilled labor, funding… Continue reading Top 5 most successful startups in 2021

Entrepreneurship and its challenges

Entrepreneurship indeed provides freedom, wealth, and the ability to build your ideal lifestyle. Still, it also comes with many challenges, which can prevent you from completing those goals and even make entrepreneurship more complicated than your previous life. The same problems and challenges of entrepreneurship always arise when we ask our audience, “What are the… Continue reading Entrepreneurship and its challenges

What is Cryptocurrency? Impact of cryptocurrency

  Cryptocurrency is one of the most important as well as most highlighted topics in the present time and therefore, there are so much of discussions that are running around regarding crypto currency. There are various studies that are conducted on analyzing what Cryptocurrency is and how it is beneficial for the economy of a… Continue reading What is Cryptocurrency? Impact of cryptocurrency

Yoga and mind Healing

Yoga is one of those terms that is highly used by companies for promoting health and the main reason behind the promotion of yoga is simple and that is, this is one of those concepts that came up with so much of primitiveness and dominance that it holds between all the other modern fitness fields.… Continue reading Yoga and mind Healing