The SONY Typeman

Sony’s interest in electronic office equipment seems to have extended only as far as Japanese word processors, plus an extensive range of cassette recorders for dictation/transcription. Hardly a surprise, when you consider […]

TEC Savvy

I found myself another TEC-related Japanese phonecard … Chou Saku 張作 typewriter/book-keeping machine ~ More useful is this (English,  French, German, Spanish) instruction guide for the TEC TW-1000, which was sent to […]

Big Blue

The thinking man’s Olivetti Valentine? No, you’re right, I’m thinking too much. But still, think 747 and I think American wide-bodied jumbo jet. Think 6747 and I think American wide-bodied jumbo typewriter. The […]

IBM Drop the Ball

Typewriter sales accounted for a rapidly diminishing portion of IBM’s profits in 1982, but since they continued to dominate the world of mainframe computing and were at the forefront of the personal […]