BSI (Business Systems Incorporated (International) of the Netherlands) “Invader” golf ball typewriter elements were available in 9 type styles …

Springfield Leader and Press (Springfield, Missouri) · 26 September 1982

It’s interesting (if not laughable) to note that these print elements were advertised with a “forever” guarantee, yet the typewriters themselves were only guaranteed for 120 days.

Also of interest (in the advertisement above) is a reference to the Xerox 585. Who knew Xerox sold a very Sperry-Remington-like Selectric clone through their retail stores? Not me (in fact they sold two: the 585 and the 590).

Hartford Courant (Hartford, Connecticut) · 15 Jan 1981

The “Invader” advertisement also mentions “DSG” …

The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio) · 13 Jul 1983
Chippewa Herald-Telegram (Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin) · 17 Sep 1977

IBM really were under attack!

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