Writers featured elsewhere on this blog (be they songwriters, screenwriters, playwrights, poets, novelists, journalists, artists, scientists, or any combination thereof, and known to have owned, begged, stolen, or borrowed a typewriter) are listed here (work-in-progress).

Writers may be listed more than once, where they have owned, or used, or merely posed in front of, multiple typewriters. (Incidentally, even though I’m paying WordPress for a Premium plan, that plan doesn’t allow me to insert tables, which sucks. Hence the crude tables I’ve manually inserted using HTML.)

To follow the links, click on an author’s name and (in some cases) the typewriter model name/number.

Universal 39 Kingsley Amis English Novelist (1922–1995)
SE 1000 series Martin Amis English Novelist (1949—)
Adler Electric 21D William Golding English novelist (1911–1993)


221 Bohumil Hrabal  Czech novelist and screenwriter (1914–1997)


5 Ernst Jünger German Soldier, Writer, Philosopher (1895–1998)


TP2 Ulf Lundell  Swedish musician, novelist (1949– )
TP2 Astrid Lindgren  Swedish novelist & screenwriter (1907–2002)
Model Writer Notes
Selectric 721 Isaac Asimov American Novelist (1920–1992)
Selectric 721, Wheelwriter Ray Bradbury American Novelist (1920–2012)
Selectric 82 Charles Bukowski American Poet/Novelist (1920–1994)
Selectric 82, Electric Model C Alex Hayley American Novelist (1914–1997)


Lettera 22 Woody Allen American Screenwriter (1936–2008)
Lettera 32 Martin Amis English Novelist (1949—)
Studio 44 Agusti Bartra Catalan Poet (1908–1982)
Lettera 25 Anthony Burgess English Novelist (1917–1993)
M40? Dino Buzatti Italian Journalist, Novelist (1906–1972)
Lettera 32 John Cheever American Novelist (1912–1982)
Studio 44 Max Frisch Swiss Playwright & Novelist (1911–1991)
Studio 44 Salvatore Quasimodo Italian Poet (1901-1968)
Studio 42 Umberto Saba Italian Poet (1883–1957)
Studio 44 Tennessee Williams American Playwright (1911–1983)


SM3 Woody Allen American Screenwriter (1936–2008)
SG1 Charles Bukowski American Poet/Novelist (1920–1994)
Traveller Anthony Burgess English Novelist (1917-1993)
SM9 Simon Gray English Playwright (1936–2008)
SM8 Elizabeth Harrower Australian Novelist (1928–)
Traveller Ernst Jünger German Soldier, Writer, Philosopher (1895–1998)
SM7 Marguerite Yourcenar French Author, Essayist, Poet/Novelist (1908–1994)


KsT Sven Hassel German Soldier, Second World War Novelist (1917–2012)


Various Moa Martinson Swedish Novelist (1890–1964)
Portable #3 Emiliyan Stanev Bulgarian Novelist (1907–1979)
Portable #? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry French Writer, Aviator (1900–1944)


HH Charles Bukowski American Poet/Novelist (1920–1994)
Futura 800 Marguerite Yourcenar French Author, Essayist, Poet/Novelist (1908–1994)


ZX-500 William Golding English novelist (1911–1993)


Coronet Electric Alex Hayley American novelist (1914–1997)
Galaxy? Charles M Schulz American Cartoonist, Writer (1922–2000)
Coronamatic 2200 Kurt Vonnegut American novelist (1922–2007)


Standard Charles Bukowski American Poet/Novelist (1920–1994)
Quiet Tab Simon Gray English Playwright (1936–2008)


???? Juan Carlos Onetti Uruguayan Novelist (1909–1994)
???? George Polk American Journalist (1913–1948)
???? Ayn Rand Russian-American Novelist (1905–1982)